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CeBIT Slashed To Two Halls?

CeBIT Slashed To Two Halls?

Wayne Farren the Sales and Marketing Director at Syntec the distributors of German made Sennheiser made headphones. Said “We have just found out one week before the CeBIT show opens that the show has been cut by basically one third. During the past nine months they kept changing our stand number however they have only just supplied a floor plan and a whole hall is missing. We should have been told about this earlier”.

A spokesperson for CeBIT Roland Tellzen said “There has been a bit of consolidation, however I do believe that it will still be three halls. I will have to get back to you on this”.

It has also been revealed that several leading vendors who exhibited in 2008 have chosen not to exhibit in 2008. Among those Companies are German Company Siemens, Panasonic, Sony, and D-Link along with several midsized Companies.
Run by Hanover Fairs and Deutsche Messe, the German Government owned show, has according to vendors and distributors been slashing rates in an effort to attract vendors to the show.

In Australia the fastest growing segment of the technology market is consumer electronics however the organisers of the show have no area designated for CE technology.

 Hanover Fairs which is run by Jackie Tarranto and is the same organisation that claimed in 2003 that it was unable to run a consumer electronics event in Australia without an injection of government funding. It is also the same organisation who blamed the Victorian Government for not coming to the party to fund the Intelligent Home Show held in Melbourne.  

One organisation that does tip money in to support the Hanover Fair CeBIT events is the NSW Government and as such NSW Premier Nathan Rees will get a key role in Tuesday’s opening address.