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Dyson’s V15 Detect Reveals Invisible Dirt With Laser Beams

Just because it looks clean doesn’t mean it is; microscopic dirt particles are rife on floors and surfaces. If you don’t believe it, just take Dyson’s latest vacuum for a spin and you’ll quickly see a whole lot of crap you never knew was there.

Dyson has just ventured where no vacuum has gone before. Its newest model, the V15 Detect, emits a bright green laser beam that illuminates dust particles on the floor – a first for a cordless cleaner, the brand says.

Much like an ultraviolet lamp waved around a hotel room, the V15 Detect’s laser will show you just how much secret dirt is still there, and you’re definitely going to want to clean it up.

As confronting as that is, it’s also incredibly empowering to see dirty matter beyond what the naked eye allows in order to deep clean your space – how else will you know it’s truly clean?

Dyson has specifically located the laser at the precise angle for you to see otherwise invisible dirt, and it highlights any grime that’s directly in front of the cleaner head. Once you run the vacuum over an area, the laser will reveal any traces of dirt you’ve missed.

Not only that, the V15 also has an LCD screen that shows all the dirt particles detected and picked up – and it groups them by size. Yes, this vacuum categorises your dirt for you. And it does so by using a piezo sensor – a device that uses the piezoelectric effect to measure changes in pressure, acceleration, temperature, strain, or force by converting them to an electrical charge.

Why would your vacuum need to know what it’s picking up? Well, the V15 Detect will automatically increase suction if its sensor detects high levels of dust, so you don’t have to go over the same spot several times. Once the piezo sensor detects a drop in dust levels, it then reduces suction back to the previous level.

Dyson’s V15 Detect is available directly from Dyson.com and retailers in the US and the UK, so hopefully Australia won’t be far behind in getting dirt-free peace of mind.

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