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Dyson To Launch Premium “High-Tech” Electric Cars By 2020

Notable hair dryer and vacuum clean maker, Dyson, has confirmed it plans to develop and build its own electric cars by 2020.

Sir James Dyson has offered his confirmation of the formerly rumoured plans, pledging to invest £2 billion of the organisation’s funds towards the development of a “radical motor” over the coming years.

The entrepreneur was inspired to build his own line of vehicles after car giants in the 1990s, ignored his requests to use Dyson’s emission-reducing exhausts. It is stated that a fully-electric car has been a long-term ambition for the company since 1998, with work commencing around two and a half years ago.

Sir James Dyson states of the long-term ambition:

“We’re not a Johnny come lately, it’s been an ambition since 1998 when we were rejected by the industry. [Since then] it’s been my vision to come out with an all electric car, it wasn’t a fashionable thought [then]”.

The company hopes its expertise in batteries and electric motors, rooted in vacuums and hairdryers, will give it an advantage over existing car manufacturers who are rapidly embracing electric and hybrid models.

Dyson will build the electric cars in Wiltshire in the United Kingdom – at a former Second World War RAF base – which it states it will open next year. At current, all work is being completed at its headquarters.

Sir James has not disclosed any exact details surrounding the car’s appearance, only alluding it will be a significant departure away from existing vehicles:

“There’s no point in doing one that’s like everybody else’s. You’ll have to wait and see, we’re trying to be radical”.

Dyson will not be partnering will existing manufacturers on the endeavour, instead choosing to build from scratch.

The company has a team of 400 individuals working on the vehicle, however, Sir James states Dyson’s 4,000 staff in the United Kingdom may eventually “double” as the project continues.

Sir James states the first car will be “high-tech” and positioned at the premium end of the market, with an accompanying high price tag. He does state there would eventually be a range of vehicles. He states the first car will feature basic self-driving specifications, however, would not be fully self-driving.

Sir James hints that buyers may be able to put down deposits on vehicles prior to 2020.

Dyson has not decided where the vehicle will be manufactured, though it is likely to be near customer locations, stating the United Kingdom and Asia were among the front-runners.

The news follows the United Kingdom government’s announcement, stating it plans to ban sales of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040.

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