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Dyson Takes On Bosch For Misleading Vacuum Energy Labels

Dyson is set to face a European Union court, fighting for better energy efficiency labelling, alleging the current standards allow rivals such as Bosch Siemens to mislead customers.

Dyson is also pursuing a separate case against the European Union, as it seeks to change the ‘unfair’ standards for energy tests.

The battle against Bosch Siemens will go to the ­European Court of Justice (ECJ) on October 26th, alleging the company is misleading customers, by failing to indiciate that energy tests are not conducted in ‘home’ conditions, rather in laboratories.

Bosch Vacuums

Dyson – known for their bag-less vacuums – believes the existing EU rules put the company on a back foot, as the current energy labels do not state whether ­competing products are tested for energy efficiency using a new or old bag.

The company states unlike its products, bag-based vacuum cleaners use much more power outside the lab, however, allowed to feature a “Class A” energy rating, which does not reflect how it performs in the home.

Dyson affirms that Bosch and Siemens vacuum cleaners consume significantly much more power under ‘normal use’ – i.e. once dust is in the bag – notably different than lab conditions used to test energy efficiency.

Parent company, BSH Home Appliances, has countersued for defamation.

The EU General Court first dismissed Dyson’s request to change standards for energy tests in 2015, though the company has since successfully appealed against the decision.

The ECJ mandated that the lower court takes into account a “deeper assessment of the evidence”- a move which Dyson referred to at the time as a “rare and historic win for consumers”.

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