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Dyson Small Ball Vacuum Launches In Oz

Dyson has launched its lightweight, upright Dyson Small Ball vacuum cleaner in the Australian market.

Weighing in at 5.5 kg, Dyson states it provides for easy lifting around the home, while being decked out with “the most powerful suction of any lightweight, upright vacuum cleaner” (defined by machines weighing less than 6.6 kg).

Dyson states that 2 Tier Radial cyclones increase the vacuum’s “airflow and capture fine dust, while the advanced cleaner head automatically adjusts between carpets and hard floors – sealing in suction”.

“The Dyson Small Ball vacuum epitomises our obsession with lean engineering,” Dyson founder James Dyson stated. “Concentrating Dyson technology into a compact body has produced our most advanced lightweight, upright machine yet.”

dyson1Dyson Small Ball vacuum specs:

  • Light to carry: weighs 5.5 kg, for easier lifting up stairs and around the home.

  • Twenty five per cent longer cleaning reach than Dyson’s previous small upright machine: cable, wand and hose extend to 12.9 m.

  • Saves storage space: retractable wand saves up to 40 per cent more storage space that the DC65 Animal full-size upright vacuum.

  • Advanced cleaner head technology: self-adjusts for optimal contact on all floor types – carbon fibre filaments pick up fine dust from hard floors.

  • 2 Tier Radial cyclones: 19 cyclones arranged across two tiers, work in parallel to increase airflow and capture fine dust.

  • Instant recline body: the first Dyson vacuum with a magnetic catch – lightly pull the handle and go.

  • Ball technology: improved stability to manoeuvre easily around furniture, obstacles and into difficult places.

  • One-click bin emptying: quick single button cyclone release and bin empty – no need to touch the dirt.

  • Two-year guarantee: on parts and labour.

The Dyson Small Ball vacuum is available here and at selected retailers.

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