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DVD Fakers Face Sentence

Counterfeit DVD marketers Mosaic Defredes and Allison Daniel are expected to be sentenced in a Parramatta, Sydney, court this week on charges relating to the possession and sale of many thousands of counterfeit disks.

The pair have already been convicted on the charges, which followed the 2013 seizure of around 1.2 million DVDs which, if sold, would have brought them an estimated $21 million.

Defredes had also sold more than 65,000 DVDs totalling over $1.6 million in sales on eBay to unsuspecting buyers, earlier court hearings were told.

Daniel and Defredes have pleaded guilty to two counts under the Copyright Act, for which penalties can carry a maximum of five years’ in jail and/or a fine of $90,000 for each offence.

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