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Drag Artists & Trangender Set To Spearhead New Hair Care Range

Transgender has become controversial issue, but despite a lot of hysterics during the Federal Election and the banning of transgender swimming athletes by FIMA recently, it’s not stopped Melbourne based distributor responsible for the Marley and Homedics brands jumping into the market with a new hair care range pitched at being the first “Australian Hair Styling brand’ embracing LGBTIQ, non-binary, non-gender specific and “drag-artist personalities”.

The Revamp range which is sold in the UK is set to be ranged at several leading retailers including Myer and The Good Guys, with management at one major retailer claiming the “unique positioning” of the hair care range will allow them to cut through in a highly competitive market.

They added “This is what retail needs, a fresh approach and a unique positioning”.

Yashinta Hynes Group Marketing & Ecommerce Manager at the Melbourne based FKA Brands Group claims that the LGBTIQ audience which includes ‘drag artists’ are well known for their links to the arts, media world and the movie and TV industry.

“WE needed something unique and hair care and fashion is extremely important to this target audience”.

The FKA Brands Group who have chosen the unique positioning for their Revamp Professional is being supported by retailers such as The Good Guys, Myer, and The Shaver Shop who will range the new hair care products.

With the new range, the distributor hopes to “revamp the electrical beauty market” with pro premium products that are easily accessible and simple to use for hair of all types.

Revamp has partnered with iconic drag queen, singer, and TV personality Courtney Act in Australia to launch the new range with more gay and transgender influencers set to be engaged by the brand.

The company stresses that their core values of non-exclusivity, authenticity and creativity are well represented by Courtney Act, who has “vibrant personal flare and creativity.”

An internal strategy document given to ChannelNews claims Revamp is the only Australian hair-styling brand that are “PROUD! to be non-exclusive” priding ourselves on the diversity of personalities”.


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