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DJI Invite Ire With Mavic Shipping Update

After issuing a formal apology to unhappy customers still waiting to receive their Mavic drones back in November, DJI has now updated the estimated shipping time for new Mavic orders to between 5 and 7 days.

The new portable drone from DJI was originally due to be released on October 15th, before being delayed to the 21st due to strong demand worldwide. Following their apology, DJI pledged to roll out overdue orders of the Mavic over November and December.

However, reports say that the company has still yet to honor existing orders for the drone while new customers are receiving their drones in a matter of days.

Curiously, resellers like Amazon are still listing the drone with shipping dates pushed back into March.

ChannelNews have reached out to DJI for comment.



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