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Dispute Escalates Between Apple and Aussie Unions

The Australian Services Union has called upon the Fair Work Commission to step in after claims that Apple’s new proposal will result in staff pay cuts.

This comes after 87 per cent of Apple staff rejected what was deemed a “substandard” proposal from the tech giant.

“Apple likes to portray itself as the cool kid and the reality is they are a schoolyard bully, standing over mostly young, vulnerable workers,” ASU assistant national secretary Emeline Gask said.

“During negotiations last week, ASU members raised the issue of understaffing in stores with rising customer complaints and abuse a major issue and we suggested Apple hire more staff to alleviate the issues.

“This seems a very reasonable response to rising demand and pressure on staff in Apple stores.

“We are also trying to establish a fair rostering system like many other companies in Australia maintain with a three-month roster and four-week notice of changes to the roster. This allows people to plan their lives, which is the norm in Australia.

“Currently, Apple has a weekly roster with 2 weeks’ notice and there are no minimum notice for any changes to rostering. At Apple, you get a call the night before to say your shift has been cancelled or you’re needed urgently, and you just have to rearrange your life to make it work.

“For a company that is making at least $11b in profits annually from its Australian operations, its behaviour is simply un-Australian. It’s time for the industrial umpire to step in an hold them to Australian standards of good behaviour.”

Not surprisingly, Apple denied the union’s claims.

“Apple is committed to providing an excellent experience for our customers and teams, and proud to offer all of our valued team members in Australia strong compensation and exceptional benefits,” an Apple spokesman said.

“As always, we are committed to fair and good faith bargaining.”

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