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Disney+ Receives D- For Security

Disney+ accounts have already been hacked within a week of its launch, adding a brand new commodity to the streaming accounts black market.

Reaching 10 million subscribers on its first day, the now ‘unsecured’ Disney+ streaming service is receiving reports of technical difficulties, glitches, outages and now, account hijacking.

An investigation by ZDNet revealed the hacking issue highlighting a number of users complaining on Disney+ forums and Twitter that their accounts had been hacked, with one user losing access just ten hours after logging in for the first time.

While the early reports do not confirm or identify the culprit for the slew of account hacks, it does reveal a security flaw within the Disney+ platform.

Hacking forums are reportedly being inundated with the hijacked Disney+ accounts, with prices ranging from US$3 to US$7, despite the monthly cost for the streaming service being only US$5.99 a month.

Though in some cases, hackers were sharing accounts for free as Disney permits account sharing, happy borrowing?

Disney has not yet issued a statement on the hacking issue, though ChannelNews would advise any current user to use a strongly unique password to avoid account hijacking in future. 

Though, two-factor authentication couldn’t go astray for Disney+.

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