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Critics Lament Absent 5G iPhone

Market critics have voice concerns about the lack of a 5G iPhone 11, despite a slew of camera, processor and FaceID improvements, coupled with an entry-level price drop.

One feature that isn’t returning to the latest iPhone suite is 3D Touch – the pressure-sensitive command function, first implemented in the iPhone 6S.

Replaced by Haptic Touch, iPhone users will no longer be able to use ”peek” and ”pop” features, adding long tap gestures instead.

While this may be a welcome change for inexperienced smartphone users, the lack of functionality will be a frustration for fans of the pressure-sensitive feature.

Will Wong, of the International Data Corporation, who tracks the Chinese phone market, believes that ‘more competitive aggressive pricing and a better camera would be its selling points’.

With China being the largest phone market in the world, Apple is unlikely to wow buyers in the face of rivals like Huawei, who already have 5G phones in the market.

As one frustrated Weibo (China’s Twitter-like social media site) user pointed out, ‘since we still have to wait a year for 5G, why not just buy Huawei on Monday,’.

Huawei experienced a surge in local support during its court battle with the US District Court, over seized equipment in 2017, which has only recently been dismissed after the US government returned the equipment to China.

Likely leading to a dramatic decrease in Apple’s share of the Chinese market in the June quarter, falling from 6.4 to 5.8 per cent compared with the same period the year before, said research firm Canalys.

The decrease in market share is likely to continue as the base price for the new iPhone remains higher compared to rivals in China, despite the price reduction by Apple, said Counterpoint analyst Neil Shah.

Though not every analyst is pessimistic about the new handsets, with CFRA analyst Angelo claiming, ‘We think the lower iPhone 11 price point and trade-in program will help promote upgrades, specifically in China, while the Apple Arcade and TV+ offerings will hep accelerate services growth,’.

Unfortunately, Apple’s TV+ streaming service will not be made available in China.

Coupled with the lack of 5G, the new iPhone is ‘less attractive and future-proof’ for Chinese consumers, said Mr Shah.

Current forecasts by Mr Shah show iPhone sales in China will drop to 30-35 million units, a significant drop from the 63 million units sold in 2015.

Prices start at $1199 for the iPhone 11, $1,749 for the Pro and $1,899 for Pro Max.

Pre-orders for the new iPhone begins at 10 pm AEST on Friday, September 13 and will start shipping on September 20.

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