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Denon DJ Takes On Pioneer

Denon DJ is taking on industry standard Pioneer DJs with the launch of its new four-channel standalone DJ unit, the Prime 4.

The Prime 4 is the first standalone unit that can play four decks of tracks with only two platters, making it an attractive alternative to the industry standard, Pioneer DJ.

Denon DJ Prime 4 is designed for use at home or mobile gigs and features 6-inch metal jog wheels, 8 performance pads, customizable RGB lights, and a 10-inch tilting HD touchscreen display with library navigation and pop-up keyboard.

It can read and import existing playlists, folders, hot cues and loop information from various systems including iTunes, Serato DJ Pro and more into Denon’s Engine Prime music management software.

DJs will be able to send a separate music playlist to a different room or location thanks to the independent Zone Output and control visuals with Denon’s StagelinQ.

Although Prime 4 is making massive strides, it still has an uphill battle against Pioneer whose gear is usually the one on hand by promoters and nightclubs and whose equipment DJs are therefore more comfortable with.

Denon’s DJ Prime 4 will cost US$1,699.00, shipping from March 2019. No news on local pricing and availability. Find out more information on Denon’s website.

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