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LG To Unveil ‘Foldable Phone’ At MWC 2019?

LG has reportedly taken on the likes of Samsung and Huawei, following reports its first ‘foldable phone’ will unveil at Mobile World Congress next month.

Reported by Korean news outlet NaverLG is set to debut a ‘dual display foldable smartphone’, comprising two screens rather than just one.

The device will reportedly unveil alongside LG’s new premium smartphone line (the ‘G8 Sukyu’) at Mobile World Congress, commencing February 22 in Barcelona.

Reports suggest the smartphone will measure a maximum of approx 7-inches, and minimum of 3-inches.

Despite its ‘foldable phone’ claim, Naver reports the device will comprise two displays, not a single display folding structure. Commentators question how different this may be to the ‘flip phones’ of old.

The company claims similar rival devices featured a thick connection between the two screens, with LG’s device set to appear as though a single screen.

As previously reported, Samsung Electronics is tipped to launch its first foldable smartphone at its Unpacked event in February, whilst Huawei is scheduled to launch a foldable phone this year too.

Other reports have also emerged, with CNET asserting the device will not be a foldable phone like Samsung’s or Huawei.

Quoting a person familiar with the matter, CNET claims the phone will feature the option to attach a second screen, thereby doubling screen size.

Regardless of name or style, the innovative device seeks to lift LG’s struggling smartphone division, which has continued to lag behind industry rivals.

The news comes after LG unveiled its first commercial rollable OLED TV at CES 2019 earlier this month.

[Samsung sneak peek foldable phone]

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