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iiNet Slash Fetchtv In IPTV Price Dash

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The Fetch set top box IPTV service offers all the usual free to air channels, 30 free movies a month plus new releases rentals from the major Hollywood houses like Walt Disney and Warners Bros, access to Facebook, Twitter, and apps like GameZone, all via iiNet ADSL broadband service.

And its quota free.

The new price is available from today, an iiNet spokesperson told SmartHouse.

iiNet service also offers other entertainment and world TV packages which will set you back more than the basic $10 a month deal.

This latest price crash comes after Internode dropped the price of its FetchTV service by one third, and now costs $9.95 for a similar service to iiNet.

Optus launched its FetchTV service, called MeTV, last October for $10, forcing other providers to whittle down its price to match the bigger telco.

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