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REVEALED: Internet Traffic To Boom 7 TIMES

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Internet traffic will grow 7-fold by 2016 in Australia, network giant Cisco has forecast.

Traffic will reach 708 Petabytes – thats 1 million Gigabytes – per month in 2016, up from 97 PB in 2011 – or to put it another way its equivalent to 2 billion DVDs per year.

Cisco forecasts Internet usage among Aussies will grow 49% every year until 2016.

And the gigabyte equivalent of all movies ever made will cross the Internet every 8 hours, according to Cisco’s VNI Forecast.

But it seems we will also be accessing the Net via our smartphone and tablets even more – with mobile data traffic to grow 14-fold in the next four years, at an astonishing 68% growth rate yearly.

There will be 142 million networked devices in 2016, up from 93 m in 2011.

We will be watching more web videos – 14 billion minutes per month – whether its posted on YouTube or streamed content or catch up TV from the likes of ABC iView, compared to just 4 bn now.

Or to put it another way, Aus Internet traffic in 2016 will be equivalent to watching 242,418 DVDs per hour.

And we will each use generate 30.1 GB of Internet traffic per month in 2016, on average – thats a whopping 577% rise from the paltry 4.5 GB we currently use.

And almost 13% of all Internet households in Oz (757,889) will be generating more than a massive 100 GB per month in 2016, up from 54,692 last year.

However, it seems our internet speeds will also be faster – 95% of broadband connections will be “faster than 5 Mbps in 2016” the forecast also indicates.

Last week NBN Co Chief Mike Quigley revealed 37 % of active users on high speed fibre network are opting for the fastest speed tier, 100Mbps down and 40Mbps up.

NBN service is said to be partly completed by 2015, just in time to deliver the high speeds hungry Internet users in Oz will demand.