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D-Link Launches AI-Powered Body Temp Measuring System With Thermal Camera

D-Link ANZ has just launched its new AI-powered DCS-9500T Kit – a body temperature measuring system with a dual vision thermal camera.

It can conduct up to 30 temperature checks at the same time within 30ms, making it ideal for containing the spread of COVID-19 in large public spaces such as airports, hospitals, schools, child care facilities, offices, shopping centres, and public transport hubs.

As such, this device is expected to be very useful as Australia begins to ease COVID-19 restrictions and mobility increases.

The DCS-9500T System automatically scans the vicinity and alerts the wearer when it detects someone with a fever, providing ±0.3°C real-time medical grade accuracy and facial recognition. It does this with advanced infrared thermal imaging technology and AI.

The device also uses an uncooled IRFPA 400×300 pixel microbolometer detector and digital signal transmission to deliver razor-sharp thermal imaging. See below for what video looks like through the device.

There is also an in-built, on-board temperature detection algorithm, one IP address for two channels, an 8mm fixed thermal lens and a 2.7-12mm motorised visible spectrum lens.

Key features include:
• High resolution thermal sensor 400 x 300 pixels
• Temperature accuracy ±0.3°C
• Alarm alert sound (Speaker Out)
• Snapshot with temperature reading
• Sensitivity of 40mK
• 17 colour control

• Alarms for strangers and known people
• Face recognition
• Ability to set a temperature range
• Temperature searches
• Retain temperature records for up to 100 days.
• Easy Recalibration if components of the system are moved
• A single copy of the Camera Management Software can manage up to 32 Camera Systems

The DCS-9500T kit costs $34,999.95 and can be purchased at any D-Link reseller or directly at www.dlink.com.au/DCS-9500T or by sending an email to [email protected] The kit may take 2-3 weeks to arrive after it’s been ordered.

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