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Cyrus Audio True Wireless Soundbuds Arrive In Oz

Cyrus Audio has launched its first pair of true wireless headphones featuring an intelligent soft hook system for a secure and comfortable fit, in three interchangeable sizes.

Available now in black, the Cyrus Soundbuds will set you back $199 through Indi Imports who began distributing Cyrus Audio products in 2016, as previously reported by ChannelNews.

Joint CEO of Indi Imports Paul Riachi reportedly described the true wireless earbuds as ‘remarkable for its clarity and depth’ claiming they ‘deliver sublime audio performance’.

A cleverly engineered hook system is included with the Cyrus Soundbuds, providing three differently-sized hooks to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

The Cyrus Soundbuds promises 2.5 hours of audio playback with 80 hour standby time.

Three additional re-charges are provided through the included carrying case through its built-in 400mAH battery, which takes roughly two hours for a complete charge.

Rated at IPX5 rating, weighing only 4.5g per earbud, and loaded with Bluetooth V4.2 and an inbuilt microphone, the true wireless Cyrus Soundbuds ‘pack a terrific sonic punch’.

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