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Cyberpunk 2077 Gets Major Bug Fix Back On Sale

It was tipped as the biggest new game in 2020 and JB Hi Fi was set to give away several Samsung top end TV’s in a major promotion for Cyberpunk 2077, then the game was released and that is when the Polish game maker hit the wall with the Company this week rushing out a major patch in a desperate effort to regain the trust of gamers.

Stripped from the Sony PlayStation store Cyberpunk 2077 has now been updated delivering a new experience for players.

Changes focused on “various stability improvements and bug fixes” and the studio is working on further patches, CD Projekt SA said over the weekend via a statement on its website.

The amendments include fixes addressing the weak performance on PlayStation 4, which triggered Sony’s move to pull Cyberpunk from its online store.

Bloomberg said that the futuristic Cyberpunk production, a major release in the gaming industry and a make-or-break venture for the Polish studio, received poor reviews because of glitches on older-generation consoles. CD Projekt lost more than a third of its market value after the outcry and was pushed to offer refunds.

In recent days, major online stores such as Amazon and Best Buy began offering discounts of almost 60% on the Cyberpunk console version, triggering concerns about revenue from the game. JB Hi Fi is still selling the $89 game for Xbox, Sony PlayStation, and PC.

The company expected earlier that patches would permit the game’s return to the PlayStation store.

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