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Cybercriminal Claims They Hacked Into Apple And AMD Days Apart

Just last week, cybercriminal Intelbroker claimed they hacked into AMD. Now they are claiming they also hacked into Apple, sharing some internal source code.

Apple has yet to comment, however, according to the hacking forum the code was posted on, Intelbroker states Apple suffered a data breach which caused the exposing of source code for some internal tools.

These tools included AppleConnect-SSO and Apple-HWE-Confluence-Advanced. There’s been no news surrounding customer data being leaked, however, this could still impact Apple.

According to 9to5Mac, AppleConnect-SSO is an authentication tool used by Apple. It allows employees to access internal applications.

Reportedly, it’s similar to Apple ID, but for internal use and doesn’t provide access to email addresses. Additionally, it’s claimed to be built into tools used by Apple Store employees, including Concierge and EasyPay.

Reports suggest Apple-HWE-Confluence-Advanced is most likely used for internal information sharing.

It remains unclear if Intelbroker wants to try to sell the data or not. Leaking the source code should have a limited impact on the operations of Apple, however, if the wrong hands get a hold of it, threat actors could find areas to exploit, causing damage.

Since Apple has yet to comment on the breach or extent of it, there’s a possibility the claims by Intelbroker are false.

These attackers also recently hacked into AMD and claimed they obtained the plans for future AMD products, customer information, and employee details.

AMD has admitted the data breach happened but hinted that the extent is not nearly as bad as it sounds. The concerns surrounding customer data, however, remain unaddressed.

The company said, “Based on our investigation, we believe a limited amount of information related to specifications used to assemble certain AMD products was accessed on a third-party vendor site. We do not believe this data breach will have a material impact on our business or operations.”

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