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CSIRO Sinks $35m In Space And AI, Set To Hit $205m In 2022

Australia’s national boffin agency CSIRO is putting $35 million on the table to fund cutting-edge research in space technology and artificial intelligence.

The investment is part of CSIRO’s Future Science Platforms (FSP) portfolio, aimed at dedicating research to new and emerging opportunities for Australia. By 2022 it plans to have invested $205 million in the portfolio since its launch in 2016.

Space technology and artificial intelligence join eight other areas of future science, including in the fields of health and energy.

The investment will include the development of advanced imaging of Earth from satellites, in addition to transformative data science to support the growth of AI technology.

Space technology will receive $16 million in a bid to leapfrog traditional technologies and find new areas of work for Australian industry.

This project will initially focus on advanced technologies for Earth observation, space object tracking, resource utilisation in space, and developing manufacturing and life-support systems for missions to the Moon and Mars.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning will receive $19 million in a bid to target AI-driven systems for areas such as food security and quality, health and wellbeing, sustainable energy and resources and Australian and regional security.

CSIRO CEO Larry Marshall said the CSIRO Future Science Platforms have an important role to play in inventing and securing Australia’s path to prosperity.

“Our Future Science Platforms aim to turn Australia’s challenges into opportunities where new science can break through seemingly impossible roadblocks to give Australia an unfair advantage on the world stage,” Marshall said yesterday.

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