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Cook Champions Globalisation

Apple CEO Tim Cook has defended globalisation in a rare public speech in China. This came as part of a broader charm offensive by Cook in China, which included announcement of two new research centres there  even while Cook was being hassled by President Trump to bring factories back to the US.

Cook also said that data privacy is one of the company’s core values, although he stopped short of criticising decryption demands from governments as the Apple HQ has previously done in the US.

It was his first time speaking at the China Development Forum, an annual conference sponsored by China’s central government.

Cook said in his hour-long session that globalisation “in general is great for the world,” but gains aren’t evenly distributed within countries. While he said this was a problem, he cautioned against countries retreating from globalisation as a response.
“I think the worst thing would be to is to say it’s bad and do less of that,” said Cook.

US President Donald Trump has called on Apple to bring back iPhone production – now mainly handled in China by Taiwan-based companies – to the USA.

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