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COMMENT: Oh No Moto! Your Brand Needs Some Serious TLC

Lenovo is a powerhouse brand that is carving up the PC market. Motorola or Moto as it is now called is a company that was acquired by Lenovo 18 months ago. Today Moto launched a new range of stunning products that are going to go nowhere based on their current distribution partners.

What was a household brand in Australia and at one stage the #1 mobile phone maker, Motorola is today struggling to get traction and is in immediate need of critical surgery.Moto Power Pack

This is despite having the best smartphone and accessory range that we have seen this year. What is lacking is brand clout and momentum.

For Motorola to be successful they need to move from using “Dicky” PR and retailers such as Officeworks and The Good Guys who don’t have a hope in hell of getting this brand back up in Australia because they lack the customer base who will invest $1,000 in a phone phone and $500 for smartphone accessories that include a super zoom camera incorporating Hasselblad technology, a battery that delivers a weekend of power, a big screen projector that delivers a 70” display and a JBL developed sound system that simply clicks onto the back of their new Moto Z.Moto Projector

If Motorola are serious about being a long term communication brand in Australia they need to invest with both carriers and the right retailers and this is going to take time and money.

They also need to re-establish their pedigree in what is now a brutally competitive market that is currently dominated by Apple and Samsung, two Companies who spend tens of millions marketing their smartphones.

At today’s launch one PR adviser when asked who Motorola was targeting, they said Apple and Samsung. This is despite the fact that carriers and retailers clamour to range smartphones from these manufacturers.

What was launched today was light years ahead of what the likes of Huawei, Sony and several other smartphone manufacturers have delivered in the past.

Motorola’s product offering is stunning and this is half the battle won.

Now they have to win the other half of the battle and that involves winning the hearts and souls of consumers.

They need to create desire, and kindle a passion to own a brand that has everything going for it other than brand clout and partnerships with retailers who sell into the right customer base.

Lenovo needs to forget about two operations in Australia, the market is too small. What they need to do is get people like Nick Reynolds the regional marketing director of Lenovo to take custodianship of the brand in Australia.

They also need to sit the Motorola brand alongside the Lenovo brand. Just imagine the new Lenovo Book and a Moto X alongside each other at the right retailers.Moto Camera

In this business there is no room for half measures and what I suspect is that Lenovo has missed a massive opportunity to relaunch their Motorola brand properly and with clout.

Even their own press release for the event started off by rambling on with superlatives and not substance. There was no “Motorola today launched the world’s thinnest smartphone” or a range of unequalled accessories.

Instead we got was “Our smartphones are amazing, they let us capture, listen, watch, play and connect in ways we never imagined. We are further redefining the possibilities of smartphone usage as we believe it’s time to disrupt the market and re-imagine what’s possible”.

This was pure PR crap that did not do Motorola any justice.

If this brand has any chance of success they have to act like a successful brand. They need to leverage off the street cred that Lenovo already has and above all both Lenovo and Motorola need to operate as one, and that means having senior Lenovo PR executives at today’s launch.

Remember the people who buy a Yoga Notebook are the same people who need a stylish highly functional smartphone. The two go hand in hand.

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