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COMMENT: 3D, VR Is A Dead Consumer Technology

Like 3D TV’s Virtual Reality (VR) is going nowhere.

Consumers are not interested, and Companies like Sony, Facebook and HTC are struggling to get traction with a technology that gives you a headache.

Billions of dollars have been invested in VR and even in the gaming world you don’t hear people talking about their “great experience” with VR gaming.

A Finnish start-up founded by refugees from Nokia thinks it knows what the problem is – virtual reality just isn’t real enough.

Does anyone really want to sit looking like a dork for two hours watching a VR movie, that is if you can put up with wearing a headset that starts to disorientate the human senses as soon as it is active.

Samsung had a big crack at VR and even they appear to have given VR away.

VR has been promoted as a way to make gaming more immersive but in the real-world virtual reality has proved about as enticing to consumers as 3D television.


Perhaps like 3D printing it is destined to find a profitable niche in the workplace rather than at home.