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Coming? Apple ‘Toasted Sandwich’

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has said a proposal for a “flagship” Apple store in Melbourne’s Federation Square, which would require demolition of some landmark buildings, has the support of his Labor Government.

“Not everybody agrees with this, but would people have really preferred us to have said ‘no, absolutely not, go and put your iconic Apple store up in Sydney?'” the Premier is reported to have said.

Er, Daniel, perhaps you should travel more. Apple Australia already has a major store in Sydney – in central George Street, just down from Town Hall and right opposite the Telstra HQ. Been there for quite some years.

To be fair, the Apple plan for Federation Square would be a little different, described as “a cross between a retail store and an education centre, wrapped up in a plaza-like package” or, in some quarters “something like a giant toasted sandwich”.


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