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Cogworks, First Came Sound, Then Carpets Now Installers Can Buy Fabric

First up it was premium sound gear, then came carpets now the NSW based audio Company Cogworks is getting into the fabric business.

And yes, you can buy via per linear metre with Cogworks charging $65 for a piece of their latest fabric offering.

According to Company executive Paul Clarke the business has secured the rights to the “Intertwine” branded range of Premium quality Acoustically Transparent Fabrics.

You can even get a choice of compositions and colours with the new fabrics “Perfect for placing in front of speakers and acoustic treatments or, stretched over frames or on fabric tracking systems” claims Clarke.

The various ranges are designated “Motion”, “Lexicon”, “Monterey” and “Goa”.

Highly specified and far from the run of the mill fabric choices available in the general market, these premium products come with outstanding specifications and quality, justifying their position in the market the Company claims.

According to Clarke the release of these products allows Cogworks dealers to specify yet another element of a cinema design which can be typically handed over to interior designers or architects who are at a loss as to what is appropriate.

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