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LG To Launch Low Profile SoundPlate Home Theatre System

LG To Launch Low Profile SoundPlate Home Theatre System

Currently retailers in Australia are being shown the new system with a view to orders being placed in time for the peak holiday buying period.

First shown at CEDIA 2013, the LG SoundPlate is a new generation home theatre audio system that has s been designed and optimized to work with a new generation of flat-panel HDTVs.

Lambro Skropidis General Manager of Marketing at LG Australia said “The trade-off for the ultra-thin TV design has been smaller speakers, which has led to a surge in demand for supplementary home audio devices. We’re augmenting our already robust line of soundbars with the LG SoundPlate to give consumers another alternative for powerful home entertainment sound. We will launch the system in Australia shortly. Currently we are showing retailers the system and we anticipate it being in stores shortly”.
The LG SoundPlate delivers high-quality audio despite being a minimalistic design, it has been described as unobtrusive with a profile that is only 35 millimetres high.

The system is a 4.1 channel sound system that comes complete with dual built-in subwoofers that delivers 120W output that is boosted by a unique internal structure alongside LG’s proprietary acoustic tuning system.
The LG SoundPlate will also feature LG’s Bass Port system that helps lower harmful vibrations from within the speaker enclosure.

When set to LG’s Cinema Mode, it will optimise the LAP340’s surround sound capabilities, resulting in an immersive field of multidirectional audio. Additional functionality can be found in LG’s Sound Sync, which is driven by Bluetooth capabilities, allowing users to pair the device with other compatible devices – phones included, so that users are able to stream music sans wires when in range.

There is no word on pricing for the Australian market.