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Online Sales Slump.. Tablets To Blame?

Online Sales Slump.. Tablets To Blame?

Aussie Internet sales were up 15% year on year to March, but growth was the second slowest month since May 2012, after peaking in January last at 27%. 
In the twelve months ending March, online retail purchases were valued at $13.3 billion or around 6% of traditional bricks & mortar retail. 
The flagging sales in March were “possibly impacted by the absence of new flagship tablet releases” and other electronic goodies, Nab said in a statement today. 
Online sales were boosted in both March 2011 and 2012 by releases of iPad 2 and iPad New, which did not occur this year, Nab Chief Economist Alan Oster noted. 

The last iPad Mini was released in November, which millions of consumers globally including Australia clamoured to get their hand on, and Samsung has not released a new tablet in a while, although did bring out a new 8″ Note last month. 

Ne figures out today show smaller screen tablets are feeding demand which has grown 150% in a year. 

Beside this, growth rates remained at similar levels to those recorded in February.

The NAB Online Retail Sales Index picked up a little in March – moving up to 209 points (from 193 points in February).