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Chinese-owned Hisense Rolling Out Wine Cellar To Rival LG Signature Product

Chinese white goods and electronics manufacturer Hisense is rolling out 11 new home appliances, including a wine cellar which will compete with the local launch of LG’s similar product.

In the refrigeration category, Hisense is releasing five models as part of its PureFlat collection.

The flagship product is the Hisense 650L Plumbed French Door Refrigerator, which features a convertible door which allows users to moderate temperature between -18 degrees and 5 degrees.

The Hisense 54 Bottle Wine Cellar also offers variable temperature levels, anti-UV glass doors, sliding shelves and dimmed internal LED lights.

Digital touch controls also allow users to monitor and adjust the temperature.

LG also unveiled a $8999 wine cellar as part of its LG Signature range, which is 430L and can store up to 65 bottles at a time.

In the air conditioning space, Hisense is introducing five split-system aircons which are Wi-Fi enabled and can be controlled via a smartphone.

It is also adding a Hisense portable air conditioner with cooling, fan and dehumidifier options.

Hisense Australia head of marketing, Andre Iannuzzi said, “Innovation and style are top of mind for us at Hisense because we know how important both form and function are to our customers. Our new refrigeration range, the PureFlat Collection, extends our focus toward a refreshed product look that’s contemporary and streamlined.

“We are committed to bringing Australians products that enhance the everyday, and this expansion of our range of home appliances offers a combinateion of stylish and smart designs that make life easier, more comfortable and more enjoyable.”

Iannuzzi says he is hopeful the easing of restrictions in Victoria will see a local sales boom and will give confidence to retail partners stocking Hisense products.

“Over the past few months, our local business and operations has pivoted to maintain a high level of service and productivity, continuing our commitment to growth and innovation. The new products across our home appliances category will be on display in-store in the coming weeks,” he added.

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