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Chinese Brand Eufy Delivers New Range After Major Security Breach

Chinese Security camera brand Eufy who earlier this month were slow to explain, how Australian owners of their product were able to see into the homes of US users of their cameras is looking to further expand their product range in Australia.

The high-risk brand is launching a new range of cameras with up to 8GB of onboard storage and larger batteries that the Company claims deliver 4 months of operational life.

Eufy security cameras are extensively ranged at Australian retailers, the brsand is owned by Anker a Chinese Company who also make headphones. The brand is distributed in Australia by Melbourne based Directed Electronics.

The Company has not said whether the cameras can be seen and accessed by the Chinese brand when a consumer downloads their app.

Customers who have already invested in a Eufy camera were recently advised to reset power to their cameras because of a security risk.

They were told to make sure they have the most current version of the app on their device.

The bug resulted in allowing users access to video feeds of other customers along with the admin settings, and Wi Fi settings. What’s not known is how many systems were compromised in the failed upgrade of their network.

The company responded claiming that it was due to a bad upgrade that was uploaded to them to servers.

The open window to the Eufy network gave plenty of time for random users to view everything about a Eufy users camera including vision inside and outside homes.

The failure resulted in numerous comments online via platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

The Companies latest cameras have motion-activated recording, two-way audio, AI-powered human detection, night vision, and Alexa and Google Home compatibility.

Eufy is also adding 90 dB sirens and lighting to the wireless camera range, this has been missing from previous models despite the premium price of their devices.

Snapshot notifications will also be supported by Eufy.

Among the new offering is the Solo Cam range which includes five cameras in three categories.

Australians who don’t want to buy a Chinese owned and manufactured camera can buy the Australian developed Swann Camera, or US brand Arlo or Taiwanese brand D Link. All these Companies don’t fall under the pressure applied by the Chinese Communist Government to supply information when demands are made of Chinese Companies.

In an effort to take on US brand Arlo Eufy is releasing a new Essential range which is lowest cost and stripped of several options.

These products have a claimed 4-month battery life, a built-in siren, the option of 1080p or 2K footage, and are charged via a micro-USB cable.

The L for Spotlight adds a 600 lumen LED light panel around the face of the camera lens that can flash to warn off intruders.

It also enables full-colour night vision and the light’s brightness, and temperature is adjustable.

Plus, there’s a siren, the option of 1080p or 2K video, and it charges via USB C.

The S for Solar is the most intriguing option. With the same specs as the L line, and including the LED light panel, it also has a solar panel built-in for continuous power and 2K recording.

In addition, Eufy has announced a new Eufy Floodlight Cam 2 Pro which is designed to take on the Arlo floodlight camera.

This is a substantial upgrade from the current floodlight camera adding three LED floodlights that generate over 3,000 lumens.

The lights are adjustable both physically and colour-wise – able to tune from 3,000 k to 5,700 k. They can also be set to turn on and off automatically with sunrise and sunset scheduling.

The built-in camera is a 360-degree pan and tilt model that can auto-track movement and store any recorded footage to its 8 GB on-board storage.

It boasts 2K video resolution and a 100 dB alarm but needs to be hardwired.

Eufy is going Solo.

Also, in the 2021 range is the Eufy Security Smart Drop, a smart lockbox with a built-in camera and face and motion detection capability.

The battery-powered box is made from carbon steel and is designed for large parcels.

The built-in camera with AI will provide voice prompts to delivery drivers and there are multiple ways to open it including with a pin code, app, key, or push button.

No price has been announced yet, but it’s expected to in the last quarter.

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