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CES 2022: Laptop Manufacturers Finally Focus On Webcam Quality

The pandemic has accelerated numerous nascent trends, most obvious of all the ability to work remotely.

Of course, to do so, you need to have a decent internet connection, and a high quality webcam, for the many video conferences you are expected to attend.

CES 2022 has seen laptop manufacturers response to this need, by finally increasing the quality of the cameras inbuilt into their devices.

With 1080p now seemingly the standard, Lenovo has added a 1080p in its ThinkPads and Yogas, which HP has also showcased a 5-megapixel camera in its latest range.

Apple’s recent Macbook Pro and Microsoft’s Surface Laptop Studio both recently launched with 1080p cameras, and the only laptop not to come to the party seems to be Dell’s XPS 13, which still sports a 720p webcam.

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