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CES 2018: Time Machine Camera Called Roader Films Before You Press Record

Two Dutch entrepreneurs Sjored Pistra and Joost Gode unveiled a time machine like camera named the Roader Time Machine Camera at this year’s CES which can film moments before you press record.

When the camera is on it is always buffering footage, but only saves it for 10 seconds. It is not until you firmly touch the camera that a recording will be made which will show 10 seconds before and after you pressed it.

The company says this camera is different from the rest as most cameras start recording forward in time after the record button is activated.

The Roader also has a car mode which does the same buffering for 10 seconds before recording and 10 seconds of recording afterwards. In Car Mode, you can record moments with the Roader Remote button. Apart from moments recording, loop recordings of 3 minutes are made in Car Mode. The Roader camera will also record moments automatically when activated by the integrated G-sensor, meaning it will be activated if the car is involved in a crash.

It is an 8MP camera with 120 degree angle, the battery lasts up to 7 hours and has 16GB of storage. Its resolution is 640x640p 30fps (auto upload to phone) and HD 1088x1088p 30fps (downloadable via WiFi App).


It is available for US$199 on the Roader website. Footage can be edited and shared on the Roader app.

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