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CES 2018: Samsung To Unveil ‘Directional Speaker’ To Replace Headphones

Korean-based, Samsung, is set to revolutionise wireless listening, with the unveiling of a portable directional speaker, intended to replace wireless headphones.

Samsung claims the concept product, ‘S-Ray’, is intended to alleviate many of theĀ problems consumers experience with extended headphone use:

“S-Ray helps people avoid having to put on earphones for a long time that can cause ear pain, and avoids the distractions to others that Bluetooth speakers can cause”.

The company states that various product options – e.g. “Neckband, Handy and smartphone cover” will be displayed at CES 2018.

As depicted in the video below, directional soundĀ is pushed towards different people in different scenarios – e.g. doing yoga.

Watch the video below for further information:

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