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CES 2018: Axiim Reveals First Home Theatre System For Gaming

WiSA (The Wireless Speaker and Audio Association) and Aximm have entered the gaming market, with the launch of the “first wireless home theater solution” for Microsoft’s Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs devices.

The ‘Axiim Link’ will debut at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, and is a major milestone for WiSA who are committed to fostering “convenient, powerful, and wireless home theater experiences” for the gaming market.

Xbox has reportedly recently joined the association as the first major gaming vendor to support WiSA in the creation of cross-brand wireless home theatre experiences.

Tony Ostrom, President of WiSA, affirms that the development will enable consumers to experience the “full potential” of gaming:

We are committed to supporting today’s gamers through our invaluable relationships with Xbox and Axiim”

“Together, we are creating the next generation of high-performance audio solutions that allow gamers to experience gaming at its full potential. It’s thrilling for our technology to enter this market and marry Axiim’s new product offering with Xbox One X, the world’s most powerful console, and Xbox One S”.

James Hammer, CEO of Axiim, states that the Axiim Link delivers “the ultimate” 4K home theatre gaming experience:

“Adding the Axiim Link with wireless 7.1 speakers to Xbox One creates the ultimate 4K home theater gaming experience for any living room”

“The combination of wireless audio performance, a convenient, simple setup and reliability is what inspired us to design this product and we’re thrilled to bring Axiim Link as an Xbox-licensed product compatible with both Xbox One S and Xbox One X”.

The WiSA-compliant Axiim Link connects to an Xbox One or Windows 10 PC through a USB connection, and delivers up to 7.1 wireless audio channels.

The Axiim Link aims to harness the Xbox One X or One S’s graphics performance, by adding a robust wireless surround sound system.

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