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CES 2018: Linksys Slashes Velop Mesh Router Price

Linksys has unveiled a new dual-band Velop model router, as competition in the networking market intensifies.

Ordinarily a more expensive option, Linksys’ new Velop product features a lower price tag, dropping from a tri-band to dual-band router setup, as the company reacts to Google who has scooped up market share.

In addition to a price reduction, the item is more compact with the access points notably 2 inches shorter than the former model.

The company claims that the Tri and Dual-band access points are inter-operable, thereby enabling users to add another access point to an existing setup.

An AC1300 device forms the basis of each access point, and therefore acts as both a router and range extender.

Set-up and configuration is done through a phone/tablet app.

In addition to the new model, Linksys states they have added to new features to its Velop product family such as; self-configuration, self-optimisation, self-healing, parental controls and enhanced security monitoring.

The new Velop products will be available in one, two and three packs, with Australian pricing to be confirmed, following its launch later in the year.

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