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Apple CEO Under Fire For Missed Product Deadlines

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, is under fire from analysts and market commentators, following observation that many of the company’s recent products have missed their projected shipping dates, since the CEO’s commencement six years ago.

Apple’s AirPod headphones, HomePod speaker, the Apple Watch, Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard all reportedly missed their original shipping dates.

The Wall Street Journal has revealed that an average of 23 days elapses between Apple’s announcement and shipping date. This is up from an average of 11 days, in the six years prior.

Some commentators affirm that longer wait times are costing Apple sales.

Manufacturing issues also resulted in Apple missing out on the lucrative holiday season for its smart speaker, HomePod.

The tenth-anniversary iPhone X was also released notably later than intended following reports of production constraints.

Revealed in a LIVE investors’ conference call – and published to The Wall Street Journal – Mr Cook mentioned that he wanted the iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus to ship the same time, but wasn’t able to do so, as the X wasn’t ready.

Recent reports reveal that the staggered launch caused a 7.6 percentile point drop in the United States’ market share for smartphones (in the October quarter).

The news comes as Apple continues to take measures to become more directly involved in its production processes – e.g. the company has recently made a major investment in a Texas based plant focused on FaceID.

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