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CES 2018: LG Reveal 150″ Inch Screen Capable Laser Projector

LG is set to reveal a stylish new ProBeam 4K UHD laser projector that appears to be significantly superior to a simil model launched by Hisense at IFA 2017

The new LG offering is capable of delivering 150-inch screen image at 2,500 lumens brightness making it ideal for big sporting events.

It can also play HDR 10 content and because of it’s portability and design makes it ideal for a big movie experience especially as users are able to access smart TV content via the LG WebOS software.

The projector’s mirror reflector allows users to direct the projected video straight ahead or on the ceiling, eliminating the need to lift or adjust the projector, making it useful in a variety of settings, including outdoors, the company said.

LG’s WebOS smart TV platform, delivers users access to popular online streaming apps with 4K content. The projector, which supports HDMI 2.0, USB 3.0 and HDCP 2.2, has optical ports and Bluetooth to enable digital and wireless connections to external sound systems, as well as connectivity with iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and other smart devices. It also features a built-in carry handle.

The HU80KA also has a 1.2x optical zoom so that users can adjust the size of their screen without moving it.

At IFA HIsense reveal a cumbersome laser projector that took up a lot of shelf space, and had to be adjusted when knocked.