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CES 2016: 2016 Set To Be An Interesting Year For D Link As They Expand IoT Devices.

2016 is set to be an interesting year for D Link with the networking Company set to release Smart Alarm Detector that picks up on the frequencies used by standard smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and send you an alert if it senses a potential problem.

Also coming is a baby extender that is a mini version of the Companies popular bright red spider looking router.
But that isn’t the only news coming from D-Link. The router and smart home accessories company is also rolling out its own IFTTT channel by the end of March.
Standing for “If This, Then That,” IFTTT allows for advanced rules between brands, such as, “If my Logitech camera detects motion, then flash my Philips Hue LEDs.”
D-Link’s channel should link a variety of smart home products from the “mydlink” line-up, including the mydlink Wi-Fi Smart Plug, Wi-Fi Water Sensor, Wi-Fi Siren, Wi-Fi Motion Sensor, as well as the all-new Smart Alarm Detector.
D-Link’s AC3200 Ultra Wi-Fi Router is also back at this year’s show, and it’s brought its spider children along.
Picture it: an enormous queen spider station in the corner of your apartment that communicates wirelessly with its smaller and less powerful offspring. Every inch of your home is now blanketed with a pristine Wi-Fi connection.
The spider children have names. The larger DIR-A91 router pairs with the smaller DAP-1655 Wi-Fi booster for a robust networking setup. When they go on sale in the second quarter of 2016. D-Link plans on selling the Wi-Fi extender as a stand-alone unit, so you can fill your home with up to eight red robo-spiders that will make any redback spider think twice about entering your house.
Also coming is new 180 degree cameras including a drive that stores video from up to nine D Link cameras in one easy to access location. It also eliminates having to pay for cloud based storage.
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