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CD Projekt Still Behind Due To Cyberpunk 2077 Issues

The unsuccessful launch of their big-budget Cyberpunk 2077 last year continues to see Poland’s largest computer-game studio suffer, with CD Projekt SA reporting weaker-than-expected earnings for the third quarter of this year.

With users reporting numerous glitches in the action role-playing game – which cost US$289 to bring to life – it sold less copies than analysts had predicted, and Sony suspended it from the PlayStation Store.

For the three months ending September 30, net income for CD Prokekt fell 30 per cent to around $5.5 million, roughly half of what analysts had suggested.

The company’s woes continue, after the already postponed release of Cyberpunk and Witcher 3 for next-gen consoles until 2022. These had been seen as potential earnings drivers.

With Cyberpunk prices already slashed in stores, CD Projekt have not released any sales figures.

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