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Call Centre Chaos Breaks Out


SYDNEY: Telstra CEO Andy Penn has told Australians not to bother ringing a call centre if they have problems with mobile reception or an Internet connection.

Penn said that call centres around the world are facing problems as Covid19 impacts their operations, his comments appear to be an excuse for shifting jobs from Australia to an overseas call Centre that struggles at the best of times said one observer.  

Both Telstra and Optus have closed most of their call centres in the Philippines, as Manila went into lockdown to prevent the spread of the virus.  

Penn urged customers to use Telstra’s Web site for a self-service solution to many problems. Of course, that doesn’t help customers already facing problems with their Internet and expecting to face extraordinary long wait times – possibly days – when calling help lines. 

Telstra, Optus and Vodafone claim the move to working from home is already putting undue pressure on their networks, due to the large data requirements needed. 

Penn said the average home computer will be struggling to cope. 

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