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C-Seed M1: 165-Inch Folding MicroLED TV On Sale For $520,000

Austrian high-end TV brand C-Seed has unveiled what it describes as “the world’s first” folding 165-inch MicroLED TV – which is on sale now for a cool half-a-million dollars.

The A$520,000 ($US400,000) C-Seed M1 rises silently out of the floor to reach 7ft and unfolds four panels into a 4K display.

“At the push of a button, the floor opens and within seconds, a sleek column of machined aluminum rises silently from the ground, unfolding a 165inch screen of impressive size and settles down smoothly to provide you with an overwhelming entertainment experience,” C-Seed describes the TV on its website.

“High-resolution sensors detect potential offsets between the folding TV wings, measuring fractions of millimeters and autonomously calibrating the corresponding LEDs´ specific brightness to render gaps invisible. C SEED´s AGC technology guarantees the perfectly seamless indoor TV experience.”

Sitting at 165-inches across, the monster 1350kg MicroLED screen also comes with an integrated 2.1 speaker system and supports HDR10+.

Adaptive Gap Calibration Technology (AGC) renders the borders between the screen´s wings completely invisible and Onboard Audio provides an acoustic experience to match the breathtaking visuals.

C-Seed was started in 2009 by co-founder Alexander Swatek, who worked alongside two ex-Bang & Olufsen managers.

The M1 is available in black, gold, silver and grey colours from July 2021. You can register your interest at its website here.

Samsung is also launching its 110-inch MicroLED TV ‘The Wall’ soon, while rival LG unveiled its 163-inch screen the LG MAGNIT last year.

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