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Is Google TV Dongle A Threat?

No, says Paul Widdis, says General Manager of TCL, who is set to launch a Google TV later this year. 

Yesterday, Google announced a TV dongle, called ‘Chromecast’, which allows content like Google Play Music, Movies & TV, Youtube to be streamed or ‘cast’ from a smartphone, tablet to a TV via HDMI cable. 
The release of Chromecast it likely to be good thing for the ‘Google TV’ concept says Widdis, who predicts it will take off as more compatible devices become available. 
Selling for just $35, pressure could be on other Google manufacturers to develop low cost devices or offer extras beyond what Chromecast is ‘casting’.  
The release also solves one of the main problems with Smart TV’s a- the lack of Internet TV content which has discouraged users from actually connecting their TV to the web. 
Sony currently sells a Google TV box for $299 with Hisense also set to release a device later this year
There is no confirmed date for TCL Google TV in Oz, called TCL MoVo with Google TV, yet but it will be the second part of the year, Widdis told CN. 
The company is currently finalising the product – called TCL MoVo with Google TV, first unveiled at CES in January, a Smart TV with Google TV inbuilt, and will also come as a standalone set-top box. 
TCL will offer local Australia content which may include SBD on Demand and Quickflix, making it more attractive to local audiences.
Read more about it here 
There is no pricing details either so it is unclear where it will sit in the market. 
Certainly, the surprise release of Chromecast has people talking about it and demand appears to have smashed Google’s expectations. 

Demand for the tiny TV dongle has been so overwhelming in the past 24 hours that Google was forced to pull its offer of three months free Netflix subscription for US consumers, reports Android Central.
Consumers wishing to order Chromecast on Google Play are now being told they will have to wait weeks for the device to be delivered.