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Bugger The Roads & Congestion Byron Bay Green Council, Backs 5G Conspiracy Theorists With Telstra Ban

Their roads are bad, traffic congestion is terrible, causing pollution for visitors, but despite these pressing issues the Greens dominated Byron Shire Council is now buying into conspiracy theories that 5G is a danger to society which has led to a ban on Telstra installing 5G for residents and visitors to the area.

A group of anti-vaccine and anti 5G protesters have been fighting to prevent Telstra workers from accessing one of the Companies 5G tower in Mullumbimby for the past month and the Council has now backed them.

The conspiracy believing Council has not been able to produce any hard evidence to support the ban but despite this Telstra has been stopped from building out the tower, this is a Council that is already facing a major drug and violence problem in their shire that has also seen many traditional Byron visitors move to visiting Noosa over Byron Bay according to one local rental property owner.

Sydney University Emeritus Professor Simon Chapman, who has researched mobile phone impacts on cancer for more than 30 years, told The Daily Telegraph this week there was absolutely no evidence this technology harmed people.

“With every generation of technology rolled out we hear the same claims — for internet or radio or mobile signals. It is predictable this group would protest against 5G,” he said.

“For over 15 years massive numbers of the population have used phones, it is a natural experiment. In this time there is no change in the rate of cancer incidents, showing there is no rise.”

5G Towers burnt down in the UK by 5G Conspiracy Protestors

Federal Communications Minister Paul Fletcher backed the professor’s findings.

“This Council has pocketed millions from tourism in the past, but none of that money has gone into fixing roads or congestion” said one angry property owner who is frightened to be named because of the obsessed nature of local Council officials.

“We have our property up for sale and we are getting out of here, they are all anti-business and anti-society on the local Council”.

The protesters delivered thousands of signatures from members of the anti-vaccine, anti-fluoridation community that live around Byron Bay.

The council passed a motion in March to stop development of the 5G tower until possible health and environmental risks were assessed by Telstra, the state and federal governments.

“We have never seen so much electromagnetic activity. What we were after was some assurance that there would be further research done on the impacts of it,” Byron Greens councillor Michael Lyon said.

“Before the development of 5G went ahead we wanted to be satisfied that there were no health risks. It is a divisive issue here and we wanted to be able to prove to the community it is safe.”

Chapman said “The radio waves used by all generations of mobile and wireless technologies, including 5G, have been studied rigorously for decades, and there is no scientific evidence that the use of these radio waves in mobile networks is harmful to health,” he said.

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