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Brilliant Lighting Expands Into Home Security

Smart home specialist Brilliant Lighting has released a wifi-enabled security kit allowing users to remotely monitor their homes.

Billed as a starter package, the Smart WiFi Home Security Kit includes a smart siren and wifi gateway with power adaptor, a magnetic door/window sensor, a PIR sensor, a doorbell, and a remote.

According to Brilliant, the tamper-resistant kit is wireless, portable, and easy to install, making it ideal for renters; it is also compatible with IFTTT and the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice services, and can be controlled remotely via app.

brilliant home security Brilliant Lighting Expands Into Home Security

The system has three alarm modes – armed, home, and disarmed – and maintains a local monitor and alert for when wifi is down; additionally, it has an SOS/panic alarm feature, which can sound the siren and make an emergency call as needed.

The Smart WiFi Home Security Kit retails for $149.99.

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