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BREAKING: Telstra CEO Andy Penn Quits

Telstra boss Andy Penn has quit, with CFO Vicki Brady replacing him as CEO from September 1.

Penn has spent nine years at the company, with the last six spent as CEO. His departure comes as a surprise, given Penn had tied his wagon to the company’s new T25 strategy, which he was assumed to have seen play out in 2025.

“Andy has led Telstra during a period of significant change and will be known for his courage in setting a bold ambition through the T22 strategy to deliver a transformed experience for customers, shareholders and employees,” Chairman John Mullen said.

“There is no doubt the strategy has delivered beyond expectations and has laid the foundations for Telstra’s recently announced T25 strategy and a renewed focus on growth and innovation.“

Telstra yesterday announced its restructuring plans, splitting the business into four entities under an umbrella holding group.

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“In recent years, not only has Andy ensured the successful delivery of our T22 commitments, he has provided leadership at what has truly been an extraordinary time as we have navigated both as a company and a nation through the challenges of the pandemic,” Mullen said.

No doubt the 8,000 workers he sacked as part of the T22 strategy won’t feel the same way.

Vicki Brady (pictured above) joined Telstra in 2016, becoming CFO in 2019.

“Having started her career with KPMG, Vicki subsequently worked in a range of finance, commercial and strategy roles before moving into broader business leadership positions,” Mullen said.

“She has made a significant contribution to Telstra including her work in developing our new go to market plans as part of the T22 strategy. She has played a key leadership role in the development of Telstra’s T25 strategy and is well-placed to lead the company through its next phase. She could not be more qualified to take over the reins to deliver on our T25 commitments.”

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