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Soundboks Launches Portable Go Speaker

Emerging audio tech company Soundboks has launched its smallest speaker to date: the Soundboks Go Speaker.

The Soundboks Go weighs under 9kgs, yet sports two 72-watt class D amplifiers, and can be wirelessly connected to four nearby Go speakers for a fully immersive sound.

Like the larger, bulkier Soundboks speakers, this sports a swappable battery that offers a massive 80 hours of listening on a single charge, and can be set with different sound profiles that adjust the sound depending on the surrounding environment.

“Soundboks is building social music experiences that connect us in a powerful, more transformative way,” said co-founder Jesper Thiel Thomsen.

“The Soundboks Go provides a new level of sound performance that has not been seen in the current Bluetooth speaker market with a speaker of this size.

“We are redefining what it means to be together and how we can share musical experiences without being in the same room.”

The Soundboks Go retails for A$1,099 and can be pre-ordered from today, with shipping from April 26.

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