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BREAKING: Outage Nobbles Microsoft 365 Local Users Amid Hack Debacle

Businesses in Australia are coming to a grinding communication halt after what appears to be a major outage of Office 365, Outlook, and Microsoft Exchange.

ChannelNews has been contacted by legal firms, retail groups, and a distributor in the last hour, all of them complaining that their emails are “not working”.

For several days now, Microsoft globally has been in crisis mode following a major hack attack on its servers worldwide. Currently the US federal government is considering how to respond, with hackers around the world now exploiting the vulnerabilities exposed by the attack.

DownDetector details a huge spike in reported problems with services including Outlook, OneDrive, and Teams starting at around 6am Australian time this morning.

According to the official Microsoft 365 Status Twitter account, there was an issue with a recent change to its Azure identification system.

The company reported that issues were decreasing after the fix was rolled out, and users are already seeing services back online.

Jake Nelson also contributed to this report.

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