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BREAKING NEWS: Senior Sony Executive Exits Suddenly Now Questions As To Why

EXCLUSIVE: Another senior executive of Sony Australia, has suddenly parted Company with the Consumer Electronics business with insiders claiming he was “There one minute gone the next”, another claimed he was “walked to the door”, however ChannelNews has been unable to confirm whether this happened from the Company.

Abel Makhraz the Deputy General Manager at Sony Australia joined the Company in 2006 rising through the ranks to become part of the top management team reporting to Sony Managing Director Australia Yuzo Otsuki he left Sony last week.

He was responsible for the Companies TV and audio business.

Makhraz is not the first senior executive to disappear suddenly from the Companies senior management team.

Carl Rose the former CEO of Sony was shown the door following a tax scandal that saw the business hit $32M in penalties following an ATO audit over 5 years.

Rose after leaving described Sony as an arrogant Company and that their management believed that they were ‘invincible’.

Another victim of the scandal at the Japanese Company was former Chief Operating & Finance Officer Nicholas Foster, who was also sacked by Japanese management.

Another Sony management victim was Michael Ephraim, the former Managing Director of Sony’s Computer Entertainment Division in Australia.

Makhraz started with Sony in 2006 when he was appointed Sales Manager for Sony Car Entertainment, he then became Sales & Marketing Manager for the Division.

In 2010 he took over as Marketing Manager for Sony Personal Entertainment categories spanning Headphones, Audio speakers, Portable Audio, Walkman, Retail Media and Car Entertainment.

He later became Deputy General Manager, Consumer Sales & Marketing Australia and New Zealand responsible for Video & Sound, Tablet, Energy & Retail Media in Australia & New Zealand.

ChannelNews has reached out to Makhraz but he has not responded to our requests for a comment.

One of the initatives that was credited to Makhraz was the building out of a relationship with Melbourne based distributor Directed Electronics who are responsible for distributing several Sony products.

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