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BREAKING NEWS: Samsung Takes On TV Stations With New Ad Network Service

If you were fed up with ads from Google and Facebook let alone media and free to air TV companies, Samsung is set to stream advertising to its own devices – a move that is set to annoy millions of Samsung customers.

Samsung has not issued a press release on their questionable decision to take on media companies with its own direct ad selling service.

Nor has it taken note of research that shows that consumers, in particular millennials, don’t want advertising on their devices, especially TVs.

Samsung Ads is a new audience ad platform that offers advertisers and brands first-party data insights from millions of ads-enabled on Samsung devices including TV’s tablets and their smartphones which dominate the Australian mobile market.

Samsung Smart TVs are #1 in Australia and even before you switch to a free to air network Samsung is looking to stream you an advertisement.

The Company has told potential advertisers that their platform “Helps advertisers discover viewers’ TV preferences, deliver relevant engagement experiences and allows advertisers to measure the impact. It also offers a simple solution to consolidate Advanced TV media buys” the Company has said.

Alex Spurzem, of Samsung Ads Australia which appears to be a new division of the Company has not said whether the tech Company, will build in an ad remove button.

Recently the South Korean Company delivered Samsung TV Plus which now appears to be part of Samsung Ads? They are describing it as a new platform to deliver advertising despite the poor quality of the content.

The service offers more than 40 channels of premium content for our customers to enjoy, and because it is a pre-installed free TV service there is no download, subscription or credit card needed – just an internet connection.

In an effort to try and justify their decision Samsung management is claiming that ‘Despite the proliferation of devices on which consumers can access on-demand content, the TV remains the entertainment hub of the home for many Australians. It’s now estimated that 8 in 10 Australians have access to Connected TV (CTV). So, in terms of demand and consumption habits, the market is ready for a world-leading connected TV advertising solution’.

Spruiking the service to brands Samsung has not said whether they will block advertising from archrivals LG and Apple.
As one pundit said ‘It may even set LG up to sell ad free TV’s.

Samsung Ads claim they will manage the video ad inventory on the Samsung TV Plus platform, offering advertisers video ad opportunities within a premium curated environment.

They claim It’s a great way for brands to reach CTV audiences within the streaming experience, because the in-stream advertising videos appear against high quality curated content. A seamless and non-intrusive ad experience is core to our offering”.

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