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BREAKING NEWS: ABC Chairman Resigns

ABC Chairman Justin Milne has announced his resignation, following mounting tensions with staff and the independent broadcaster’s board.

The news comes just four days after the shock termination of ABC Managing Director, Michele Guthrie, intensifying the company’s leadership crisis.

The broadcaster’s board will reportedly gather later this afternoon to appoint an Acting Chairman, following their meeting without Mr Milne earlier today.

All members of ABC’s board are selected by the Cabinet, and formally appointed by the Governor-General.

Current board member and former Seven West Media executive, Peter Lewis, is tipped to take the helm as Acting Chairman.

Mr Milne has described this week’s events as a “firestorm”, coupled with allegations he called for the termination of Emma Alberici and political editor Andrew Probyn.

The decision was today publicly announced by ABC TV host, Leigh Sales, who will air her interview with Mr Milne at 7.30pm tonight.

Despite contrary claims, Milne asserts “nobody” from the Australian government has ever “told him” what to do at the ABC.

Earlier this week hundreds of ABC staff voiced their support for Milne’s resignation, a year and a half into his tenure. He was expected to retain the role until 2022.

More to come.

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