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Brand Preference Steering Consumer CE Purchase Decisions

New Parks Associates research shows the importance of brand preference in consumer electronics purchase decisions, revealing that 71 per cent of buyers last year considered only one brand when making their purchase.

Parks, which looked at the purchase habits of US broadband households, found that price and product quality are important factors, with 15 per cent of buyers considering only one brand due to price and 10 per cent due to product quality, however the brand itself was the dominant factor in such purchases.

Only one brand was considered by 19 per cent of buyers due to preference for the brand.


“Building brand mindshare early is critical so that consumers associate your brand with a category of products,” Barbara Kraus, Parks director of research, commented.

“Consumers generally begin the purchase process with preconceived notions that have an enormous impact on the final purchase decision.

“CE manufacturers need to establish their brand early with an emerging product category so that consumers equate a product with that brand when they plan to make a purchase.”

According to the research, tablets, smartphones and gaming consoles are the devices with the least competitive decision process, with 75–80 per cent of buyers not considering other brands.

Conversely, connected audio systems, virtual reality headsets, headphones and smartwatches are devices with the most competitive decision process, with 34–52 per cent of buyers not considering other brands.

“Certain brands have established a loyal customer base that purchases products without considering other options,” Kraus stated.

“Apple has cornered the market for CE shoppers when it comes to smartphones and laptops. For example, 42 per cent of those buying an Apple laptop reported they only considered one product because of brand.

“By comparison, just 18 per cent of those buying HP laptops settled on a product in advance because of a brand preference.”

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